electric scooters rent system

The biggest electric scooters, mopeds and bikes sharing platform. Done right.

The Goal →

To create whole new system that would replace old services that Client had that were limited just to few functions, one country, one currency and a web view based mobile application . New product should have ability to run across many countries and made using modern technology that would allow further development without limits.

The Process →

Green Electricity (Blinkee) team turned to B-MIND as a trustworthy technology partner.

The challenge was to build whole new business logic with a system that would scale with the business requirements. Main goal was to deliver the same functions as previous system but with new approach. We have made new backoffice for franchines, new mobile application using React Native for both iOS and Android apps and Laravel (PHP) for the backend.

The Results →

First… we changed branding a bit.



After one month we delivered: concept, mockups and designs

After three months of iterations we delivered MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that was ready for the users and made the client’ business profitable like never before.

Continuous development of the service is making the product better and better every iteration.

Technology stack

Scope of the project



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