Amica — Digital Content Library web application

Smart and innovative media library system for the biggest domestic appliances manufacturer.

The Goal →

To create a completely new web system (web application / internet application) for storing marketing information, including photos, movies, TV commercials along with an internal file transfer system for exchanging sensitive information for the corporation and subsidiaries.

The Process →

Amica team turned to B-MIND as a trustworthy technology partner.

The challenge was to build a web application that would help internal corporate team to reduce the time for media access using the best possible technology that can be updated anytime so the system should never get old. The tech stack included Angular for the frontend and Laravel (PHP) for the backend.

The Results →

After one month we delivered: concept, mockups and designs

After three months of iterations we delivered MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that was ready to test.

Thanks to efficient development — after five months, the client was able to ship the product for steak holders.

Continuous development of the service is making the product better and better every iteration.

Technology stack

Scope of the project


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